Jan 042012

ADESSO: Jewelry line created by Santa Barbara artist Samantha Goldstone. 2012 pieces feature inspiration from Santa Fe

Adesso, which means "now" or "in the moment" in Italian, is a jewelry line created by Santa Barbara artist, Samantha Goldstone. Samantha has been making jewelry since childhood and committed herself to designing full-time in 2009.

Having traveled extensively over the last decade, Goldstone has found that her local and far-away journeys influence her inspiration, materials and design. Incorporating treasures from her travels into her jewelry infuses every piece with its own unique story. Every Adesso piece is an eclectic mix of vintage, modern, local and international style.

Adesso jewelry is created with a distinct combination of vintage and ethnic beads, semi-precious and precious stones and various metals, including sterling silver, gold, bronze and pewter. Samantha is particularly drawn to vintage glass, vintage African trade beads, antique silver and unusual semi-precious stones and charms. The line’s limited edition pieces are fresh and original, yet infused with beautiful elements of the past.

After traveling to Santa Fe and discovering her fascination with the beauty of the Southwest, Native American traditions and culture, her love for the region and artisans that practice their crafts turned into her next line. 

All Adesso products are handmade in Santa Barbara, CA. Adesso jewelry is sold in better boutiques nationwide as well as their website at www.adessoshop.com.

Samantha Goldstone, a young adult cancer survivor, is committed to helping individuals coping with chronic and terminal illnesses. A percentage of Adesso’s profits and time are donated to related causes.

Additionally, Goldstone is passionate about protecting the environment. She makes her own eco-friendly cleaning products, grows much of her family’s food in her garden and supports local businesses and farmers. From handpicking vintage beads the world over to choosing sustainable materials whenever possible, Samantha is committed to extending her personal interest in being “green” to Adesso.

Goldstone currently resides in Santa Barbara and enjoys traveling near and far for inspiration and gastronomical adventure. She and her family frequently travel to Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas where she indulges in BBQ and antiquing. She is always planning her next worldly adventure, next on the horizon…Egypt, Italy, and India. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest from her travels.

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